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Northwester #150

These garden sheds from our 4 collections are a testimony of exceptional manufacturing quality and meticulous design. Our collections consist of 18 models that will satisfy even the most demanding in terms of finish and durability. A wide range of options allow you to customize these garden sheds to fit your tastes and needs.

These garden sheds offer a quality / price ratio more interesting and to your tastes exceptional storage space, tested strength, esthetical design and a construction that eliminates maintenance : these are a few of the advantages offered by Cabanons Fontaine.



  • 2” x 8” x 16” concrete blocks (ex : 6 blocks for 8’ x 12’)
  • 2 double beams made of 2po X 4po KDHT dry wood
  • 2×4 structure to every 12’’ (center to center)
  • SELECT quality 5/8” plywood


  • Door and windows made of Design PVC frame
  • 36’’ steel door (finish on the floor)
  • Steel lintel door header (50’’ and more)
  • Locking door handle
  • Three 4’’ anti-thief hinges on the right side
  • Two 16” X 38” windows (no square window dividers)


  • 25 years asphalt shingles (standard CF colors)
  • OSB waferboard (oriented structured board)
  • Angle cut rafters made of 2×3 or 2×4 with stell plates
  • Storage space in the roof structure
  • 5/12 roof pitch
  • 1 ½ cornices made of aluminium fascia (lateral sides)
  • 6’’ soffit cornices with aluminium fascia of all sides (4-5-8 slopes models)


  • D4.5D Vinyl sidding (standard CF colors)
  • OSB waferboard (oriented structured board)
  • 2×3 or 2×4 structure to every 16’’ (center to center) with crossed top double plates
  • Higher head clearence of 79.5’’
  • Colombage de porte double avec contreventement
  • Double wall shelves

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